Need help?#

OpenMA proposes different ressources to better understand its goals, realized them, and discuss around them. We hope you will find them useful and adapted to your needs! Everyone is welcome to contribute to each of them. The more, the merrier!


If you look for information regarding the history of the project or the software license used, you should go to the about page.

Documentation (under construction)#

Are you a newcomer? The documentation page might help you to find what you need (e.g. concepts, tutorials, API).

Stack Overflow#

If you have questions around OpenMA and programming, you might not be the only one. What is better than a Q&A website dedicated to computer programming to ask them? You might find your answers through the existing questions tagged with openma or ask your own!

Discussion forum#

For longer-form conversations about OpenMA, the discussion forum was set up. This forum is perfect for discussion about biomechanical models, algorithms to implement, best workflow for specific task, as well as the future of OpenMA.


If you found a bug (^_^;), you have questions regarding some lines of code, or you have a request to enhance the project, you can post an issue on GitHub.


For the latest updates about OpenMA, follow @openmalibrary on Twitter. Moreover, you can find out what others are telling about OpenMA by using the #openma hashtag. Add it to your conversation to be read by the community!